Internal management system.
Monitoring and Managing Bird's Scooter Operation.


The first time I rode a Bird scooter, I was amazed by it - grabbing a scooter off of the street and just ride. It is so easy, and above all – good for the environment. As a product designer, Bird's operations challenge has always fascinated me. A challenge I just had to take.

Project Goal

Building a management system that helps Bird to take a better control on scooter's fleet.

Biggest Challenge

Visualizing fleet in Real-time and time periods. Improving decision making on events and trends by better report exporting.

what i did

UX Research
UX Concept & Strategy Wireframing
UI Design


Product Designer
in this concept project.

The Problem

Bird incorporate both low and high tech interfaces at the same time - super challenging task to operate. I decided to suggest a solution for the company with an internal management system that will help the company with a variety of operations.

Research & Discovery

In the beginning, I've researched about Bird's activity to get the best grasp of: what the engine of this company is, what goals they have and what business aspects are critical to them. I've realized that there are 3 main aspects that the system needs to focus on:

1. Birds

Bird refers to the company's scooter. The scooters are the core of the company. The main goal of the management system is to get all relevant data about the fleet's scooter in real-time to allow operators to control all activities.

2. Riders

Riders are users who are using Bird's scooters via the Bird app. The system should reflect important aspects of all users, such as busy hours, satisfaction and main usage areas. This information can use as indicators for success.

3. Flyers

Flyers are important partners for the company. Flyers can complete tasks such as charging or moving scooters. They are paid daily, and the compliance of their tasks is a huge KPI for the Bird company to reach its business goals.


Focusing on the main aspects of the management system – a quick data view dashboard, and a monitoring tool for all devices within the fleet.

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UX Concept

Understanding the UX concept with the dashboard screen. It allowed users to get access to the most immediate info. It also gave me the ability to treat the system information architecture properly.

Main categories. A part of the information architecture

Learn about region's earning trends

Understanding what are the most popular areas in a region.

Data driven  satisfaction indicator.

improving fleet distribution by Better understanding traffic hours

Most important KPI's. Ready for quick review

Bird's has important financial engine that let independent operators to make money by completing tasks like: charging and moving scooters.

Control Panel

The Control Panel is an hybrid tool that allows users to master a scooters area. In this screen, users can view 24/7 monitorization of live scooters activity.


The timeline allows operation managers to see the live action of where all devices are located and respond accordingly to different cases (such as damaged devices or theft attempts). It also allows them to view the playback of any customized time ranges and export reports.


While the control panel gives you the best way to explore activity, the fleet management allows you to operate the entire system. Calling riders, sending repair teams, or locking devices remotely are just small examples of what users can do from this system.